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This week, as opposed to last week, I did enjoy the fresh air of newness. Disc golf is the game and fun is the only option. On sunday, my boyfriend, two of his friends, and I ventured to the UTD disc golf course. It’s located at the school’s entrance, which made it easy for a group of no-direction people!

When we got out of the car, the boys handed my a small-pie-sized disc. Nothing what I had imagined. It was heavier than a regular frisbee, which I had pictured in my mind throwing. However, we did warm-up with a “regular” frisbee. This is quite important, being that you will need to throw a bit.

After an hour and nine “holes”, the boys were wining about losing against a girl-newcomer. Yes, I did beat them, by one stroke. They actually were very congratulatory and my boyfriend offered my disc golf skills to their summer team. How nice :).

It was a nice addition to a relaxing Sunday. However, I am used to the high impact and endurance from playing ultimate frisbee, so this sport may not be my number one choice to go to, but still an option for a weekend or something to do after a long day at work!


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