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As I looked for the required blog reading of “progressive enhancement” and “graceful degradation” I was struck by a lot of jargon that I did not know… go figure an advertising student in a web design class! ha! Getting back on subject, there was finally one that I found that I could somewhat understand.
His syntax and Layman’s terminology really kept me reading and I learned or I think I learned more about the appropriate work flow and awareness between browsers.
The blogger had great references including jQuery source code
and the HTML validator.
The main point he was getting across (I’m assuming it’s a he..) was the workflow, the workflow, and yes the workflow. He kept repeating himself in different methods on the sequence of things (i.e. fixing problems before you go on, testing and retesting).
He went over the basic browser similarities, which I was happy to know. I somewhat understood most of them. Here are a few notes that were great points:
All main browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Konqueror) are very similar to each other except for Internet Explorer.
“Google Chrome, Safari and Konqueror are even more similar to each other, because they share the same original code base (KHTML in Konqueror, which WebKit in Safari is based on, which WebKit in GoogleChrome is based on).
Rendering (application of CSS) in most main browsers in much more similar to each other when they render the web page in standards compliant mode rather than in quirks mode. So to get rid of many incompatibilities, just make sure that the browser renders the page in standards compliant mode.
To enable standards compliant mode, just start your HTML with a doctype (right at the beginning of the file). To get HTML 4.01 transitional, prepend this to your HTML file:

Make sure your editor saves the HTML file in UTF-8 encoding (character set), without the byte order mark (BOM).”

I need to do some more research, for it seems when I start reading this material, I have had to look up what some words mean. Ah, the days of the student and flipping through three books at a time… it’s the life!


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