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This week’s assignment is researching HTML5 websites in order to understand how the new tags are being used. The first site has a clean minimal page website (as I was seeing in a lot of the websites coded in HTML5).

I like the notes that were given on this site, like the ones that follow:

This one had notes that indicated what each function for tags. Like section was the start of the page, or the “page section”

header id=”first”
this is not very semantic, but it’s using an html5 tag. Next is the hgroup. Not sure what hgroup does…looks like a category for items that go in the header.

The links were attached to the same document, indicated with a # sign. He used it differently than what I did in homework last week…I put the index.html#… not # to begin the url. I do not know if this is a shortcut in the old html or the html5 function.

The coder used the new nav tag for the links section

Not concerning code, but rather the navigation. I am confused how they have two different kinds of links that are for portfolio and contact us. It is in the nav section and also the div id=”menu” as well. It is kind of confusing to me, but the viewer may not even notice it.

The section tag is used for the about us section again, kind of like a div with an id. It’s breaking up content into “sections.”


tag is used again in the about us section. I didn’t realize that you could use the header tag more than once, and without an id in the about us section. It’s function is just to show emphasis on a heading I am guessing.


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