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I like the idea of Microformats. It’s in a sense recycling code that is already standard in order to retrieve information from a site using attributes like class’s and rel’s

I felt a little overwhelmed with the idea, but after some research I think putting a microformat in with the blog on my site, it will help network with others and share my information (contact, posts, whatnot) with them.

Some people can use microformats for geographic locations to find for example a puppy or kitten in the area.

Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia over under construction microformats:

Among the many proposed microformats, the following are undergoing active development:
hAudio – for audio files and references to released recordings
citation – for citing references
currency – for amounts of money
figure – for associating captions with images
geo extensions – for places on Mars, the Moon, and other such bodies; for altitude; and for collections of waypoints marking routes or boundaries
species – For the names of living things (already used by Wikipedia and the BBC Wildlife Finder)
measure – For physical quantities, structured data-values

Honestly, they seem a little superfluous for my site, but possibly could use it for the blog portion on the website. I will do some more investigation to see if I can use these microformats in an efficient way for me.


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